Who am I?


Hello, thanks for passing by! My name is Pepe, I am a very energetic person and I define myself as a multipotentialite. In a few words, this means that I’m capable of mastering different fields and putting all that knowledge together. This is great because, it allows me to communicate better between different teams while working on personal and professional projects.

I am a Systems Engineer by profession, and I have knowledge in different IT branches like programming, networking, infrastructure, telecommunications and technical support. In addition to this, I really enjoy other things, like image and video editing, business management, marketing, graphic design, caf├ęs and more!

I joined the furry fandom in 2018 by accident and I can now say that it is part of my daily life. I love spending time with my friends from all around the world, especially in Scandinavia and Europe.

Something else I really like to do is meeting and getting to know new people, so if you are interested in chatting don’t hesitate to poke me. Make sure to read this post before you do so, otherwise things might not go that smooth.