Read before messaging me


Hello, and thanks for visiting this article.

I find writing this necessary due to the increasingly amount of messages that I have been receiving over time.

Hopefully, once you finish reading this, you will get to know me a bit better and will be able to start a meaningful conversation with me!

As my sticker pack went viral, more people started messaging me, which is something that I really like. I love getting to know others from all around the world, get to know their traditions and cultures, how they live their life, what makes them happy. Still, many people do not know how to properly start or keep a conversation, ending up in awkward situations like:



“I hope you’re doing okay”

“I am, thanks!”

“What are you doing right now?”


You can read more about this topic here:

With this said, if you are this type of people, I have some suggestions for you!

Most people find certain topics like hobbies, studies or work interesting and an incredibly effective way of start a conversation. Those topics are perfect ice breakers, and will help you find a common interest between, in this case, you and me. But this is something that you can also try out with other people. In addition to this, always try to introduce yourself by letting the other person know why you are writing to them.

Just keep in mind that not everyone likes that random people messages them.

Other suggestion would be not to go straight to the deepest or extremely personal subjects. You should not expect that someone that you do not know will be entirely open at first. If you want to be close to someone, you need to let the friendship flow by its own, and with time you will start to notice how that person starts to feel more comfortable with you to talk about private stuff.

Do never force someone that does not want to talk about their life. Even though it might sound obvious, it is not. People tend to insist and keep writing or spamming to others, even when they do not receive an answer. This behaviour will naturally lead to rejection from others and as you might know, that is not good.

My last suggestion would be, try to have meaningful conversations, small talks are okay, but they are just a way to start a conversation so something more interesting. When you write to someone, think about what you would say if they were in front of you. Try to think what they will think when you tell or ask them something.

Because of this, try avoiding inappropriate topics like fetishes, likes or dreams that you should keep to yourself unless the other party shares some of those too.

I hope that you found this interesting and helpful, I know that it might seem like a lot, but you will realise that it is a skill that you will hopefully acquire with time.

Please let me know if you think I should add or change something.

Thanks for reading, now you can proceed to write to me. You can read more about me here!